About Fr. Scott

Fr. Scott HeadshotThe Rev. Fr. Scott R. Leannah is the Rector at St Mary’s Episcopal Church in Dousman, WI

Scott grew up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and completed undergraduate studies at Marquette University.  He received a Masters in Divinity Degree from St. Francis Seminary, in Milwaukee.  He was ordained a priest in the Roman Catholic Church on May 22, 1993.

Scott’s years in priestly ministry brought him a variety and depth of experience. As part of his parish ministry, Scott learned Spanish in order to minister to a large number of first and second generation immigrants from Mexico.  Along with parish ministry, Scott was also Co-Director of Ministry to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Scott’s convictions that clerical celibacy should be a calling– not a mandate, that women and men are equally called by the Holy Spirit to ordained ministry, and that church governance should better reflect the life and membership of the Church caused him to begin in earnest to explore priestly ministry in the Episcopal Church in 2001.  Scott found the sacramental life of the Church, the richness of the Book of Common Prayer, and the authenticity he observed in church life and governance within the Episcopal Church both refreshing and life-giving.

In the fall of 2002, Scott resigned his ministry in the Roman Church and began to work as a hospice chaplain.

At the same time, he began in earnest to learn  about the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion.  He was received as a priest in the Episcopal Church at St. Luke’s in Madison, WI on November 23, 2003.

On December 7, 2003, Scott began to serve at St. Mary’s Church, Dousman, WI,  a vibrant and growing faith community.  The parish has seen significant growth in the areas of lay membership, ministry, and outreach. While serving at St. Mary’s, Scott has also served on the Camp Webb Board, and as Spiritual Director of Camp Webb.  He has been involved in Congregational Development training, has taught Pastoral Spanish at Nashotah House seminary,  and has served on the Diocesan Standing Committee and Executive Council.

On July 29, 2006, after years of friendship and a year-long engagement, Scott married Gina Kuemmel.  He continues to be amazed and grateful to share his life with such a loving, compassionate and faith-filled woman.  Scott and Gina enjoy traveling, hiking, reading, and being outside. They share a deep passion for ministry and spirituality.  Gina has three children who are now young adults.  Scott enjoys being a Step Dad.  Scott and Gina recently adopted their daughter, M.

On Easter Sunday, April 4th, 2010, St Mary’s opened the doors of a new church building for worship which doubled it’s former seating capacity.  St Mary’s continues to welcome people of all faith traditions to join in experiencing the worship, fellowship, and world-wide community outreach experience that is St. Mary’s.  At St. Mary’s service to others and fellowship with one another is central to spiritual growth.

8 Responses to About Fr. Scott

  1. Ron and Barbara says:

    Dear Father Scott
    It was so nice to see you recently at Strawberry Fest. It was also a grace filled moment when you took time to annoint me. My health challenges remain but during difficult moments, I try and reflect on how special I felt when you took the time to pray with us. Though we are not from the same faith tradition we will always love St. Mary’s and thank God that you were placed in our lives.

    Please pray for me (Ron) Father. We will see you again to be sure at Mass (please forgive the Cathoic reference).

    God Bless You and Your Family,
    Ron and Barbara

  2. Mary J Starnitcky says:

    Hello Fr. Scott! This is a blast from your past! We went to elementary/middle/ and part of High School school together in Elkhart Lake, WI! I am an art teach in Sheboygan for the past 26 years-Kim Raeder /Preder also teaches with me here at Urban Middle School!…I mentioned you today in our 6th grade drawing unit and how you would draw all these little scenarios of people in battle actions…! I was trying to hook some of my 6th grade boys! Someone mentioned you became a priest! I thought I would google you! Does Mary Dickrell ring a bell? I am married to Scott ( just celebrated 25 years of marriage!) We also have a mutual friend- Cheryl Beuhler/Driscoll! I hope all is well!

    Just thought I would drop you a note!
    Mary !

    • Hi Mary!
      I do remember you – how nice to hear from you. Please say hello to Kim and Cheryl from me. I am doing well – I have a pretty amazing wife, a great daughter who is now in third grade (we adopted her right before she started kindergarten) and a wonderful parish. Life is full and good. Take care and God bless! -Scott

  3. Karen Windau says:

    Fr. Scott! It’s a long story how I came across your blog but I’d love to reconnect. I had no idea you work a mile from where I work. Give me a shout when you have time!
    Karen Windau
    Sam’s daughter 🙂
    From St. Matthias

  4. Karla says:

    Hi there! I had no idea you were blogging. How cool!!! I was at the parish website collecting contact info for a church job I signed up for. (you’ll hear more from me soon on that note. –grin–)

    Anyway, I’m all “signed up” now to get your future posts. Looking forward to following along.

    Take care! – Karla

  5. Susan Morgan says:

    What a wonderful biography. I knew most, but nice to see how it all works together. We continue to miss our friends from St. Mary’s but are finding a home in Overland Park, KS and beginning to feel like we are where we belong. Hope all is well in Fr. Scott’s world.

    • All is very well with us – and so good to hear from you! I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas for the first time in the new church building – it looks great for Advent. As soon as I get more savvy with this blog, I’ll post a photo fo the new Advent wreath and banners. I am glad you’re finding a sense of “home” in KS. You are all missed very much!

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