when you think about it…

…we’re preaching & teaching all the time. Who and What we believe in and what is important to us is seen by our actions and sometimes expressed by our words.

As someone whose role is to preach every week, I have to confess that sometimes I feel as though I’ve either run out of things to say or that I am really offering the same basic message week after week but in different ways. However, I know that my actions, the way I treat people, what is important to me, how I spend time, the many choices I make in all kinds of situations, are also ways that I offer a message. This message is being given constantly, and it’s there for all to see. We all give a message by the way that we live whether we spend any time in a pew or not.

We are challenged to live our ideals, to “make the word flesh” in Scriptural terms. We may be the only gospel or example of Christian faith that some people ever see. Too often, Christianity is often perceived as harsh, judgmental and mean-spirited. Our Lord seems to have lived pretty much the opposite of those attributes when one reflects on his life and reads about him in sacred Scripture.

I hope and pray that what we talk about and what we live are somewhat aligned. When this happens, there’s a word for it – integrity. That’s when our actions, speaking so loudly, are the very embodiment to our words.

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