What’s in a name?

Awhile ago, our daughter’s first grade teacher told us that she was having a hard time paying attention in class one morning. She was writing something, over and over, while the teacher was explaining the lesson that the kids were going to be involved in next. What was she writing that was so important? Her name. When we adopted M., we gave her a new middle name (Gina’s) and a new last name (mine). Since she was old enough to understand this, she participated in the decision to make this change. So, she was writing that name, her name, again and again on a piece of paper.

It’s so important, isn’t it, to have a name? This is something we can easily take for granted. When asked, “Who are you?” we commonly respond with our given name. It’s our identity – tells something about who we are and whose we are. Some say that when we die and meet our Creator, God speaks our name – because we are a precious child of His. Sometimes I look at this little one who we adopted, and who adopted us right back, and I marvel that she carries our names, and that her identity, life and very being is now inextricably woven together with ours.

So, of course I want her to pay attention when she’s in school. But I have to confess – I love that image of her writing her name, her real forever name, over and over again…

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