In gratitude for William Law

“If we are to follow Christ, it must be in our common way of spending every day. If we are to live unto God at any time or in any place, we are to live unto Him in all times and in all places. If we are to use anything as the gift of God, we are to use everything as his gift.” William Law, A Serious Call to a Holy and Devout Life, 1728.

William Law, whose feast we celebrate today, was a very influential pastor, teacher and preacher in a period of spiritual, moral and religious decline in the Anglican Church. In his own quiet and humble way, he worked to bring about a spirit of revival and renewal. How did he do this? In many ways, but primarily by example. He really, truly believed in the omnipresence of a loving, caring God, a God who was personally interested in William, and in each of us. Law’s own firm convictions kept him largely out of favor with many of the ruling authorities of his time. In spite of this, the quiet, intense insistence with which he lived his faith are a gift we continue to received from to this day.

What would life look like if we sought to follow Christ every single day, in every action, every relationship and in all of our priorities? That is, fundamentally, the question of Christian life and Christian stewardship.

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