8 April, 2013 20:27

The Answer

By R.S. Thomas

Not darkness but twilight

in which even the best

of minds must make it way now.

And, slowly the questions occur,

vague but formidable for all that.

We pass our hands over their surface like blind men

feeling for the mechanism that will swing them aside.

They yield, but only to re-form as new problems; and one

does not even do that but towers

immovable before us.

Is there no way of other thought of answering

its challenge? There is an anticipation of it to the point of dying.

There have been times when, after long on my knees in

a cold chancel, a stone has rolled from my mind,

and I have looked in and seen the old questions lie

folded and in a place by themselves, like the piled

graveclothes of love’s risen body.

As I reflect on the Easter story and the resurrection of Christ, I find strength and beauty in Fr. Thomas’ words. I think of the “old questions” in my life, ones that seemed so crucial, burning and life-and-death. I think of what has needed to die in my own life: attitudes, modes of relating, judgments of others, beliefs about my own self worth mired in shame and fear… thankfully, I can witness to some dying and rising. No doubt, some of today’s questions, concerns, preoccupations and matters of great import will also die, leaving me to experience hope, new life and new questions.

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1 Response to 8 April, 2013 20:27

  1. Janine Voruz says:

    Scott, Missed this post due to a backlog of mail that I am just now going through. It is so pertinent on the heels of all the terrible things that happened this past week. The picture is gorgeous: a peaceful antidote to the chaos of the last few days. May the families of all those who died in the violence of explosions this past week find solace with all those who are mourning the loss of their loved ones.

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