Thanks Giving

Blind to woundedness and wonder, most of us, much of the time,

Go through our lives asleep. But, when wonder explodes like the dawn,

It exposes us to the spectrum of wakefulness.

Living our lives asleep we remain unaware of the cold shower of gifts

poured into each moment. Likewise, we are oblivious to the Great Giver,

Who is Source of all gift.

Children of the Great Giver are great Thanks-givers. Thanks-giving is the very

first thing we do, first in a long line of a life of giving and giving back. Should we fail

to give thanks, we are unlikely to give anything else.

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4 Responses to Thanks Giving

  1. akismet-7f6113abdae51fdb519d6c91bf6e6023 says:

    Scott, I just read this entry on your blog and loved it. Not seeing an author of this beautiful meditation, I did a Google search for it. I was actually blown away that the author is YOU! I am ashamed to say that did not occur to me initially. Your posts are not usually so poetic. (If they are, it is usually someone else’s poetry.) Your name IS under the title. Even so, I assumed you were just sharing someone else’s work in your blog. Call me stupid. This is truly a beautiful poem; one that I will read every morning. Thank you.

    • No, not by me. I forgot to attribute this to its source. While I am not aware of the author, I received it through the kindness of my wife, Gina. She got it from a website/blog from the Organization JustFaith – it’s an educational/formational program utilitized by many Roman Catholic as well as some Episcopal parishes across the country. I am glad you enjoy it – I do, too. I think it’s both beautiful and challenging. Peace!

      • Gina Kuemmel says:

        See the blog stillinthestorm.wordpress…joe Grant blogs there on spirituality as part of the Justfaith grad network…great site, check it out! This excerpt was part of a longer reflection he did for thanksgiving. (Gina)

  2. Janine Voruz says:

    What a great meditation for this weekend and everyday! Hope you don’t mind if I copy and paste this into my file of thoughts worth remembering. Wishing you a peaceful Advent, Scott. We are working on a “Blue Christmas” service for St. Martha’s this year. I still think it is a blessed thing to honor those who are experiencing sorrow during these weeks before Christmas.

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