Voting and Disagreeing

John Wesley was an Anglican priest who came to America when the Episcopal Church was still the Anglican Church. If you know the history of the Episcopal Church, this makes sense. He would ultimately be a founder of the Methodist Church, along with his brother Charles. His words of advice/counsel about voting are as important and relevant today as when they were first expressed in the 18th Century.

After the presidential debate last night, several emails and postings on facebook today that would seek to paint with a broad (and unfair) brush the character and integrity of both candidates and those who support them. Is it not enough that we can simply support one candidate over another, and even do so passionately? Does it have to devolve from there into name-calling and wholesale condemnation of those with whom we disagree? My hope is that we as a society can disagree, even strongly, and still recognize the innate goodness, humanity and dignity of those with whom we are in opposition.

Negative/attack ads are everywhere. I guess they wouldn’t be polluting our airwaves if they didn’t work…

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1 Response to Voting and Disagreeing

  1. Janine Voruz says:

    Well said, Scott! Seems this is not a new phenomenon.

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