A Prayer for One Who is Dying

There have been two funerals here at St. Mary’s as of late, and we have a dear parish member who is now dealing with an acute form of leukemia. He is a tough old guy and may well be around longer than some of us, but nonetheless, the recent funerals, his illness, and the illnesses of others in our congregation, some quite serious, are a reminder to all of us that this life is but one part of the journey. I do not write this to be somber or a “downer”. Rather, truth be told, our faith assures us that, even in death, we are not alone. Through the death and resurrection of Jesus, we know that God has gone before us on this final journey. Our faith tells us that the Holy Spirit is with us every step of the way -consoling us, blessing us, assuring us and simply being present. God the Father is waiting to welcome us home when, at last, we meet God face to face.

Gina shared a beautiful prayer with me recently. It was written by Mary Kendrick Moore and the title is the same as the title for this post: A Prayer for One Who is Dying.

May the grace of God surround you through the warmth and love of family and friends, and may you not feel alone.

May God grant you assurance that your life has made a difference and that you are loved.

May you look back at this life with fond memories and look ahead with no fear.

May you know that when it’s time, those who are left behind will find their way.
May God bless your journey from this life to what lies beyond.

May the Spirit of God go with you and grant you a peaceful passage.

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