Some Thoughts on God and Money

These reflections were passed on to me by Gina. Bill Huebsch is a Roman Catholic lay minister who teaches and reflects on Christian Stewardship and its implications for daily living. Read and enjoy. Huebsch notes that rights are given to share his material and so I do so with gratitude and respect for what he has written.


The first requirement for understanding God’s word is poverty.

But the poverty to which the Gospel calls us is not destitution.

We are bound to eradicate poverty of that sort and establish a new order in our society in which destitution has no place whatsoever.

The kind of material poverty we know today around the world is evil. It is a work of darkness and selfishness and greed.

And it is the radical call of all who follow Jesus to establish a life-style of justice in order to change that.

God and Money

No where doe the Gospel make itself more plain than in regard to money.

And this is the last thing any of us want to hear. Any of us, at least, who have a little money.

But we really don’t have a complete ethic of love and life, until we do this.

Money is power in our day and age; there’s no hiding that.

Money talks. Money buys big houses and cars, abundant food, fashionable clothing, electronic toys, island vacations.

It buys more , more, more.
It’s how we satisfy our hunger when intimacy won’t do or we won’t let it do.

All of us keep a mental list of things we want as soon as we get the money, or the credit limit, to buy it.

That little list is our guide and sometimes our god.

We would be blind not to see this within and around us and, in a sense, we are blind. In a sense, we don’t see this.

We have become to accustomed to pursuing this as an “ultimate goal” in life that we have forgotten we are its slaves.

Like the Hebrew people worshipping a golden calf at the foot of a mountain, we, too, worship what glitters.

Even the materially poor sometimes long for this every day, struggling to get rich.

And who can blame them? Who would ever struggle to become poor!?

Yet “blessed are the poor…” What does this mean?

…what does it mean for us?

This is the first part of a longer reflection; I will share more in coming days…

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