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“Thank you for wanting me”

That’s what our little girl said two nights ago, during our supper time prayer. We took turns giving thanks to God for our meal, for loved ones, and for whatever we wanted to share. When it came to be her … Continue reading

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Praying for those we may not think about praying for…

Possible Answers to Prayer by Scott Cairns Your petitions- though they continue to bear just the one signature-                                  have been duly recorded.   Your anxieties- despite their constant,                              relatively narrow scope and inadvertant entertainment value-                               nonetheless serve to bring your person vividly to mind. … Continue reading

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Therefore let us keep the feast!

The first time I attended an Episcopal celebration of the mass, also known as Divine Worship, the Sunday Service and Holy Communion, I remember being struck by the words we say when the bread and wine have been consecrated by … Continue reading

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On pulling the covers over our heads

Last Friday our soon-to-be-daughter-but-in-all-reality-our-daughter-already had no school. She is in K5 and was pretty fired up at the prospect of not having to get up early and go through the usual morning routine. She enjoyed a bit of snuggle time, … Continue reading

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Be at peace, and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations.

Gina shared this with me several years ago when I was in the midst of some personal struggle and discernment. She sent it to me again a week or so ago… it’s powerful. These are words from St. Francis De … Continue reading

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