Meanwhile, back in Kansas…

Continuing with the image of The Wizard of Oz and “There’s no place like home”, I am reminded of poet Robert Frost who wrote, “Home is the place where, when you go there, they have to let you in.”

Part of being ‘home’ for our little one is that she is gaining the sense of place and security that allows her to begin to express some of the hurt, pain, sadness and turmoil that stem from experiences of trauma. Somehow, it’s a compliment, we are told, that she is able to act out/vent/cathart in this way with us – like her five year old way of saying, “You guys are safe, and OK, and so let me share with you a little of what’s happening inside of me.” Let me be clear that there is nothing romantic about this – it’s tough at times. Gina is amazing in caring for this little person. I am doing my best.

Makes me hope that we all have someone we can be “at home” with – scars and all.

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