the summer of fun…

It was a very enjoyable summer at our house this year – some great trips to Portland and then the rest of Oregon (thanks again, Matt and Molly, for the honor of celebrating your wedding!) and also two trips to the Boundary Waters. We got in some great yard work, too. Gina’s gardens were AMAZING this year. Now well into fall, we look back with gratitude on the summer of 2011.

Frank and Lily, the family dogs, also had a great summer. Frank tries (relentlessly) to get Lily to play with him. By ‘play’ I mean chase him, make fierce doggy noises while pretend ‘biting’ him, and to basically engage in the dog equivalent of wresting. Lily does not often give in to Frank’s repeated requests (read: badgering) but on this day she did. Note the happy look on Frank’s face.

Photo by Gina

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