Sharing the Light

Recently my wife Gina shared this reflection with me. Tomorrow, December 21st, is the shortest day of the year. It is therefore the darkest day of the year. Here is a great reflection on the power of light and darkness:

“In what moment does darkness turn to light? Some darkness seems endless, resolving reluctantly through shades of gray into a grudging lightness. Other darkness has hard edges to it, exploding into sudden light, like a mountain sunrise. Or darkness can seem to have its own identity , existing in balance with the light of day. In that, the light emerges and recedes in a gentle cycle. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how much of this has to do with our own perception and how much of it has to do with the way the world unfolds. There is no question, though, that a life lived fully in Christ entails embracing that edge of darkness and light. The hope of sharing in the glory of God calls us out of darkness, not alone, but as a community. We are a community of hope. Faith defines us; hope in Christ sustains us. Whatever else we are as church, if we remove hope, we cease to be.”

We recently had a “Longest Night” service at St. Mary’s. Weather prohibited a lot of folks from attending, but those of us who gathered shared aloud our prayers for those near us who are experiencing darkness at this time in their lives. We also spoke aloud the names of those who have shared with us, through word and example, the light of Christ. How would you answer those questions?

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